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The implementation of blockchain-based solutions to address some of the above-mentioned HR challenges won’t happen overnight, it’s likely going to be a gradual process. We have it in our hands to design the next generation of digital workers and there are some blockchain features we can incorporate into our digital work platforms that can improve the situation.

Often, even when tech gurus talk about innovation, they usually end up with renovation. Instead of coming up with truly novel technology, they just slightly alter and refresh what already exists. Blockchain is different. It’s one of the few developments out there that is really and truly brand new, like nothing that we’ve ever seen before.

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We have to verify that the person passes a background check, and meets the degree requirements. From the ability for people to maintain and control access to a blockchain-based record. The burden of finding and recruiting the right talent is especially heavy for smaller businesses. The companies track their professional development and match with future job opportunities.


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