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HR outsourcing is defined as giving responsibility for various elements of the HR function to a third-party provider. The RPO market is rapidly changing and companies are now looking for a strategic partner to team up with in order to bring new capability to the HR-function instead of the main motivation being in cost savings.

RPO Vertical


RPO Solutions may be variably be used for a region, country, single market or across the globe. So similarly, the RPO solution may focus on a role family (e.g. sales), specific division or comprising all hirings across the enterprise.


RPO not only allows a company to hire a team of expert talent acquisition professionals to quickly fill a specific need but also earmarks the recruitment back-logs thereby launching a new sales team, meeting an unexpected hiring demand, or talent pooling and sourcing


A demand on Recruiter solution involves having one or two outsourced recruiters join your talent acquisition team for a specific project or time period setting benchmarks.


RPO also leverages an outsourced provider to build contingent workforce, assuring you to have access to a high quality talent pool whenever needed.



Reduce cost per hire: Significantly decreases the average cost-per-hire, often by more than 50% thus saving the organisations time & money.


Access additional sourcing channels: Leverages formerly untapped sourcing channels to access additional candidates is one of many benefits of outsourcing recruitment. Clients who are in a niche sector need scarce skill sets.


Manage fewer suppliers: Tailor your recruitment panel to supplement hiring, helping you drive quality, efficiency, and cost reduction.


Improve quality of hire to deliver talent that delivers more, for longer: Statistics consistently reflects that high quality hires definitely improves productivity for organizations. RPO programs entail world-class assessments that measures candidate quality to make more decisive decisions.


Shorten time to hire: Lessens the organization's lost productivity around open vacancies


Mine talent data for continuous optimization: RPO solution helps access to talent data with tangible forecasts to manage your hiring decisions, from talent mapping through to workforce planning. You'll increase efficiencies, identify process improvements, and better predict future hiring needs.


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